Midterm Ballot Measure Summary #3

Over the last two weeks, our blog has covered ballot measures for the upcoming midterm elections. Check out the last two blogs to read about the most popular ballot measure themes: voting rights, abortion, involuntary servitude, and cannabis. Several states have ballot measures on other important topics.


Californians will vote on seven total ballot measures in November. We’ve previously written about Proposition 1 regarding abortion; the state has several other important ballot choices.

  • Proposition 27 would legalize mobile sports betting. The revenue created would go toward homelessness and mental health support, in addition to tribal economic development.
  • Proposition 28 is an initiative seeking to require funding for public schools’ arts and music education. If passed, the initiative would be equity-focused, requiring additional funding directed to districts with more economically disadvantaged students.


Coloradans will decide on 11 ballot initiatives this fall. Two of the most important are affordable housing and education.

  • Proposition 123 would designate 0.01% from current income tax revenues toward affordable housing programs. Just a few of the initiatives included are an affordable housing equity program, a grant program for affordable housing developments, a rental assistance program, and more.
  • Proposition FF would reduce income tax deduction eligibility for people earning over $300,000, and the state would use the revenue to create the Healthy School Meals for All Program. All schools participating in the program would be reimbursed for giving students free meals in addition to other food-related funding.

Nebraska and Nevada

Among other initiatives, Nebraska and Nevada both have minimum wage ballot measures.

  • Nebraska’s Initiative 433 would increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2026.
  • Nevada’s Question 2 would increase the minimum wage to $12 by July 1, 2024.

New Mexico

New Mexico has six ballot measures this November, and three of them are related to bond issues.

  • Bond Question 1 asks voters to decide on $24 million for senior citizen facility improvements.
  • Public libraries could receive over $19 million if approved by voters on Bond Question 2.
  • Finally, Bond Question 3 asks voters whether the state should give just under $216 million to public higher education, special public schools, and tribal schools.

New York

New York only has one ballot measure this fall which is related to climate change.

  • Proposal 1, if approved, would give $4.2 billion in bonds for initiatives related to the environment, natural resources, water infrastructure, and climate change mitigation. At least 35% of the bond issue will benefit disadvantaged communities based on socioeconomic and environmental criteria.


Four ballot measures, including Measure 112 on involuntary servitude, will be on the Oregon ballot in November.

  • Measure 111 is another significant one in Oregon. If passed, the state constitution would be amended to include a right to “cost-effective, clinically appropriate and affordable healthcare as a fundamental right.”

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