Be Heard. Get Out and Vote.

The simplest act of civic duty Americans can participate in is casting their vote on Election Day.

In 2016, the Black voter turnout rate declined for the first time in 20 years during a presidential election. The turnout rate was at a record high in 2012 at 66.6 percent but fell to 59.6 percent in 2016.


According to The Collective PAC, If every Black and Brown person eligible to vote voted in 2020, we would see historic and winning outcomes for leaders committed to standing with our communities up and down the ballot.

Your voice matters and in order to be heard, you must turn out to vote. The power of voting is mighty and when Black and Brown voters show up, our voice is loud.

Do not let others speak for you. Things will not change if you stay at home on Election Day.

Register now!

Be a part of the change and help move our country forward. You get to have a say on who you want representing you and the issues that are important to you.

How does one vote? You can vote in person on Nov. 3 or vote early by mail. Voting by mail is safe and secure!

We fought for this right — don’t take it for granted. Be heard!

SLACO and Neighborhood FORWARD are looking for VOLUNTEERS to help out with GOTV initiatives. Join us as we work to make sure voters get to the polls by Election Day.

Learn more about the importance of voting and check your registration status.

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