No-knocks should be a thing of the past

With the use of no-knock warrants, police can enter homes without having to alert any of the residents. The use of no-knock warrants can lead to innocent people losing their lives.

Unknowing that the cops were entering, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker shot at the police thinking it was an intruder. Breonna Taylor was then shot eight times and murdered. Neither of them had anything to do with the suspected deliver of drugs to Breonna Taylor’s address.

No-knock warrants take away from the privacy of people’s homes while also putting people in danger. The person often assumes it is an intruder leading to the death of innocent people such as Breonna Taylor. Overused and misused, no-knocks need to become a thing of the past to save lives today.

No-knocks were implemented at the federal level during the Nixon Administration in 1970, and ended up being repealed because of the number of botched drug raids and mistaken drug raids across the country. However, in the 1980s it made a widespread comeback to local police departments as a tactic for the war on drugs. No-knock warrants were controversial since its conception and still controversial now as we see innocent bystanders dying at the hands of police.

Neighborhood FORWARD stands for the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act or S. 3955. This act will ban no-knock warrants at a nationwide level, saving innocent lives such as Breonna Taylor’s.

Sponsored by Senator Rand Paul, the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act needs to be passed in its entirety.

We cannot stand while action is not being taken for Breonna Taylor and many others that have been affected by no-knock warrants.

Say Her Name. Breonna Taylor. Say Their Names.

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