September 17, 2021 NF Legislative Roundup: Colorado Focus

A couple weeks ago, a Colorado grand jury indicted three Aurora police officers and two paramedics for their role in Elijah McClain’s death in 2019. Here are some of the new laws that have been passed as a direct result of his death.


  • HB1251
    • Why we’re watching: Elijah McClain died as a result of a lethal dose of ketamine. Now, before using the powerful sedative, first responders are required to weigh someone to determine a proper dose. Another provision of the law is that police officers can’t pressure paramedics to administer the drug in cases that they hadn’t intended to use it.
  • SB217
    • Why we’re watching: After the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a number of municipalities banned law enforcement’s use of chokeholds to subdue a detainee – the same way McClain was rendered unconscious. This legislation banned chokeholds and mandates officers to face an imminent threat prior to using deadly force. Additionally, officers in Colorado can now be held personally liable for up to $25,000 worth of damages by the legal system.
  • HB1250
    • Why we’re watching: Prior to this bill’s passage, law enforcement agencies only needed to investigate use-of-force deaths involving the discharge of a firearm. McClain was murdered without a single shot being fired, which slowed the legal process. Now, police officers must investigate all deaths that result from their use of force.

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