NF Legislative Roundup: Week Of Mar. 15, 2021

This week, there was no shortage of bills having to do with the fight for equity in society. Our Legislative Roundup highlights some of the most important. Here they are!


  • SB182
    • Why we’re watching: School resource officers are notorious for their encouragement of the school-to-prison pipeline. Colorado has made steps to officially recognize this behavior and banned the handcuffing of students. This move will ensure school resource officers do their job of protecting and counseling students from danger.


  • HB6611
    • Why we’re watching: Redlining and housing discrimination are the root of so many ills that marginalized groups experience. Food deserts, heat inequality, and deteriorating schools are all related symptoms. Now, Connecticut is considering a measure that will reimagine zoning and create a framework to address this decades-long inequality.


  • SB1510
    • Why we’re watching: After decades of healthcare inequality and a year with a pandemic that’s affected Black and Brown communities more than any other, we’re proud to see Illinois aggressively bolster healthcare. The $150 million per year investment into marginalized neighborhoods will improve public health and address a long history of discrimination.


  • SB0271/HB0423
    • Why we’re watching: The voting rights of minorities are under attack in statehouses across the country. Maryland is doing their best to build out their voting infrastructure by standardizing voting devise, thus protecting the anonymity of differently abled voters.


  • SB5066
    • Why we’re watching: Washington is considering a slew of police reform bills, but this is one is especially interesting. The proposal would require that anytime an officer sees a coworker using excessive force, they must intervene and report the behavior to supervisors.


What do you think of the bills in this week’s roundup? Did we miss anything? Drop us a line on any of our social channels or at or you can contact us through our contact us form. Let us know what’s happening in YOUR neighborhood!

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