NF Legislative Roundup: Week of Mar. 1, 2021

The week is just about over! Welcome to this week’s Neighborhood FORWARD Legislative Roundup, wherein we highlight legislation from across the country that’s relevant to the fight for social justice. Check it out!


  • SB1485
    • Why we’re watching: Lawmakers from Portland to Raleigh are debating bills that will infringe upon our rights to vote, and this is one of the most sinister. SB1485 is Arizona Republicans’ second swing at removing voters from early voting lists. This proposal is an assault on democratic participation, especially against people of color.


  • SB842
    • Why we’re watching: The pandemic has made it clear that healthcare inequality is real – and dangerous. Gov. Ned Lamont’s SB842 will help address these problems by capping prescription drug prices and regulating insurance carriers. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Black and Brown people, which this bill recognizes.


  • SB0052
    • Why we’re watching: Structural racism should be front of mind for any legislation addressing health inequality. But in Maryland’s SB0052, all references to racism were removed per Republican request. This willful ignorance of history waters down the legislation by refusing to recognize the context of such inequality.


  • HB3351
    • Why we’re watching: As federally elected Democrats stall on their $15 minimum wage proposal, Oregon is taking matters into its own hands. HB3351 will raise the state’s minimum wage from $11.50 in some areas to $17 in phases. Such action will minimize the racial wealth gap and help low-income workers.


  • HB1054
    • Why we’re watching: Washington’s HB1054 just passed the House of Representatives and now moves to the Senate. It limits police use of tear gas, chokeholds, and other militant tactics against constituents. This bill will bolster trust between law enforcement and marginalized communities across Washington.


What do you think of the bills in this week’s roundup? Did we miss anything? Drop us a line on any of our social channels or at or you can contact us through our contact us form. Let us know what’s happening in YOUR neighborhood! 

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