July 9, 2021 NF Legislative Roundup: School Reform

July is the time of year when new state laws officially hit the books – including those involving school reform. Check out our highlights!


  • HB1251
    • Why we’re watching: It’s been 2 years since Elijah McClain was racially profiled, forcibly given a lethal dose of ketamine, and murdered. Earlier this week, Gov. Polis signed HB1251 into law, which banned the use of the powerful substance in law enforcement.
  • HB1315
    • Why we’re watching: Court fees are almost exclusively levied against lower-income individuals and their families. In Colorado, the average sum of these charges per case is $300 – until now. Under this new law, juvenile offenders will be exempt from such fees.


  • HF0002
    • Why we’re watching: While public schools offer free-and-reduced lunch for students belonging to impoverished families, administrations often “lunch shame” these kids. According to this new law, schools can no longer pull back meal service, ban students from activities, or affix highly visible pins because they’ve fallen behind on meal payments.
  • 2021 Increase Teachers of Color Act
    • Why we’re watching: This piece of school reform will massively boost the number of teachers of color in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Not only do minority teachers help close the achievement gap between Black and Brown students and their white counterparts, but also encourage kids to stay in school, according to recent findings.


  • SB26
    • Why we’re watching: This legislation is currently awaiting Gov. Parson’s signature. While some states and municipalities are enacting sweeping police reforms, Missouri has decided to swim against the tide. If signed, the bill would prohibit defunding police departments, reduce officer accountability, and punish lawful protest through severe sentencing.

What do you think of the bills in this week’s legislative roundup? Did we miss anything? Drop us a line on any of our social channels or hit us up through our contact us form. Let us know what’s happening in YOUR neighborhood!

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