April 15 NF Legislative Roundup: Police Brutality

This week, we’re looking at some stories and legislation from around the country involving police brutality – an all too common occurrence.


  • Qualified Immunity
    • Why we’re watching: Have you ever wondered how officers get away with their brutality, often scot-free? Look no further than qualified immunity, a Supreme Court doctrine that says public employees can’t be charged for incidents on the line of duty. Following protests in the summer of 2020, more and more communities are looking to end the practice.


  • Murder of Patrick Lyoya
    • Why we’re watching: Last week, a Grand Rapids police officer murdered Patrick Lyoya execution-style following a traffic stop. Footage of the incident led Lyoya’s family and activists across the country to call for a full investigation and the release of the officer’s name that committed such a heinous crime. Lyoya was a Congolese immigrant and only 26 years old.


  • Police Reform Bill
    • Why we’re watching: On the last day of session, the Maryland General Assembly got around to revising its police reform legislation that it approved last year. Among other things, the legislation creates a trial board of state police agencies and prohibits collective bargaining with regard to officer discipline – all measures to cut down on police brutality.

New York

  • Buffalo Police
    • Why we’re watching: You may remember a disturbing video from 2020 in which Buffalo police officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski shoved a 75-year-old man to the ground during a protest. That man was later hospitalized for his injuries. This week, an arbitrator ruled that neither officer committed a crime although the brutality of their actions was clear to the millions that saw the damning video footage.
  • Subway Shooter
    • Why we’re watching: The New York Police Department has an annual budget of over $10 billion. Despite being one of the most expensive armies in the world, its officers couldn’t stop Frank James from wreaking havoc on a subway earlier this week. Officers near the shooting were reportedly clearing out homeless citizens from train stations.

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