This week, states and municipalities passed legislation relevant to our fight for social justice. Our Legislative Roundup showcases some of the most recent bills that caught our eye!



  • SB1485
    • Why we’re watching: We’ve been tracking this bill for a while, and now it’s finally law. SB1485 is like many other voter suppression bills from across the country – discriminatory and founded upon a fear of widespread voter turnout. Now, the legislature passed legislation that would remove inactive voters  from the state’s early ballot list, which will punish mostly minority voters.


  • SB199
    • Why we’re watching: In 2006, Colorado passed legislation that banned undocumented immigrants from receiving state benefits. Lawmakers are seeking to reverse the effects of that bill with SB199, which would permit undocumented immigrants to receive state benefits.
  • SB87
    • Why we’re watching: This is a bill we’re especially excited about. The proposal would allow agricultural workers to unionize, establish a minimum wage, and create other workplace standards surrounding safety and workers’ rights. In an especially difficult year for agricultural laborers, this bill is the right way to honor their sacrifices and ensure their prosperity.


  • Constitutional Amendment
    • Why we’re watching: Connecticut continues to make strides in voting rights as many states move the opposite direction. Lawmakers there approved a constitutional amendment to switch to no-excuse absentee ballots, a measure that will appear on a ballot for voters in 2024.

Baltimore County, Maryland

  • Master Plan 2030
    • Why we’re watching: For the first time ever, Baltimore will have a housing and community development department focused on improving access to affordable housing for everyone. This more permanent move comes as activists and legislators alike call for longer eviction moratoriums throughout the state.

What do you think of the bills in this week’s legislative roundup? Did we miss anything? Drop us a line on any of our social channels or at or you can contact us through our contact us form. Let us know what’s happening in YOUR neighborhood!

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