January 21, 2022 NF Legislative Roundup: Redefining Reparation

The word “reparation” can be a loaded one, but the concept is all around us. Check out some examples we found this week!


  • HB2112
    • Why we’re watching: Earlier this week, the Arizona House Education Committee voted to make teaching about racism illegal “if done in certain ways.” Those in favor of that measure cited familiar, anti-Black and -Brown talking points about critical race theory, levying exorbitant fines against educators teaching our country’s history.


  • Clean Cars and Clean Air Act
    • Why we’re watching: For decades, communities of color have disproportionately inhaled car pollution. As somewhat of a reparation, California is debating a ballot measure that would allocate billions of dollars to constructing an electric vehicle charging network.


  • Filibuster Reform
    • Why we’re watching: On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the civil rights leader’s family marched through Washington DC in support of voting rights and the abolishment of the filibuster. That antiquated Senate procedure is all that’s standing between minority communities and full voting rights, unobstructed by conspiracies and discrimination.
  • National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy
    • Why we’re watching: The federal government just set aside $3 billion to fight worsening wildfires throughout the country, citing rapid climate change as its primary rationale. We hope that because of this plan, municipal and state governments stop relying on prison inmates to fight wildfires for minimal pay.


  • DeKalb County Employment
    • Why we’re watching: As a reparation following the failed war on drugs, DeKalb County wants to stop testing employees for marijuana usage. Despite infighting among county commissioners there, this policy would attract more workers and desensitize our institutions to recreational cannabis, which is a policy we expect more states to adopt this year.

What do you think of the news in this week’s legislative roundup? Did we miss anything? Drop us a line on any of our social channels or hit us up through our contact us form. Let us know what’s happening in YOUR neighborhood!

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