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2024 Ins and Outs

The start of the new year is a time for us to reflect on the past and develop resolutions for the future. We’ve compiled some of our top ins and outs for 2024  – Neighborhood Forward edition.

In – Representation

We need more Black representation in elected and official positions, media, and the workplace – this is vital for the betterment of the larger population. When individuals do not see positive representations of themselves or their race, it can be hard to develop a sense of self-identity or have a positive perception of their community. Let’s work towards creating opportunities and advocating for marginalized groups to receive the support and validation they need within their communities by 2024.

Out – Stereotyping and Misrepresentation

It is inaccurate to think that the media and daily interactions are free from stereotypes and misrepresentations. As we move into 2024, let’s make a conscious effort to eliminate stereotyping and misrepresentations. Let’s also speak up when we hear or see something wrong. Stereotypes can greatly affect how people are treated, leading to specific behaviors that align with those stereotypes.

In – Education and Access

Historically, Black populations have had less access to education and resources. Many factors contribute to the achievement gap, including home and neighborhood environments and school factors. Research shows that there are differences in the ways that teachers treat Black and white students, leading to larger gaps in academic achievement and advancement. Advocating for equitable access to quality education and addressing disparities in educational opportunities should be a key focus in 2024. Supporting initiatives that promote education and other skill development programs can be impactful.

Out – Systemic Racism

It’s 2024, it’s time to get rid of systems that undermine life opportunities and outcomes by racial category. There are still policies that exist that result in unfair advantages to some people, but harm others. In 2023, United Nations experts alleged that systemic racism is prominent in the U.S. criminal justice system – unfairly targeting Black people. Our country must continue to enact policies and redevelop certain systems with a human-rights and equity-based approach.

In – Health and Wellness

There are many disparities in physical and mental health in the Black community compared to other groups. As a part of a larger movement, there has been a fight for more Black professionals in the professional field as well as more representation and education about health for Black people. To combat some of these inequities, there needs to be more black representation in textbooks and the curriculum of medical professionals. Let’s continue prioritizing this in 2024 for the betterment of Black health.

Out – Healthcare Disparities

There is a long history of inequitable health outcomes for Black people as compared to white people. Recognizing the major barriers in healthcare for Black communities is the first step to fixing the situation. Enough of the exclusivity in health against Black people – and even the misdiagnoses of diseases due to the differences in skin tone.