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There’s Systemic Racism in the Food, Send It Back

Finding a meal or a snack to eat is something most Americans, especially white Americans, do not worry about. They aren’t facing empty pantries or lacking the amount of money they need to buy food to address their hunger. They are not worried about having the amount of money to fit their dietary needs or desires.


However, one out of six Americans do not get that luxury and face hunger in their day-to-day life, wondering when their next meal will be. People facing hunger often comes with being below the poverty line and not having the disposable income to buy healthy food. In Black households, hunger occurs two times more than their white counterparts.


But hunger does not just have to do with poverty, it also stems from systemic racism at all levels. The ability to build capital, such as buying a home, is systemically stacked against Black Americans. Because of this, they are more likely to reside in a food desert.


Food deserts are more likely to be found in Black and Brown communities and low-income areas. Meaning, that specific areas do not have a grocery store or a place to grow their own food. This leads to people having to travel out of their community to get access to food, making it more time consuming.


Even if an area has a corner store, it often does not include healthy food. When those stores have healthy food it is priced outrageously high. The price of the food also has a systemic effect. In food deserts, people are more likely to go for cheaper food with a longer shelf life they can grab on the go. Healthy food options need to be accessible for every American.


This holiday season, especially with COVID-19, many families and individuals are facing food insecurity and hunger. Consider donating healthy options to local food banks or people in your community facing hunger or partner with a local organization to help feed families. Neighborhood FORWARD was honored to do our part by joining Fathers Who Care Chicago and The Epworth Foundation in Denver to help provide Thanksgiving meals to families.

Thanksgiving Pick Up in Denver

Fathers Who Care Chicago Thanksgiving Celebration


If you or a loved one are facing hunger and food insecurity consider finding a local food bank.

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